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Our work is possible thanks to a community of generous people and organisations who support our work. Your generosity can help to further our efforts and make a bigger difference for young New Zealanders.

Because we’re a registered NZ charity (#CC45932), you can claim back 1/3 of your donation. Visit the IRD website for rebate details.

Two examples of what your support can enable.

Festival for the Future is an inspirational weekend of speakers, workshops and entertainment that attracts more than 1,200 attendees from across the nation. Your generosity can help to ensure that young people from challenged financial circumstances and/or marginalised communities can access support to attend the Festival.

Depending on circumstances, full scholarship support could include the cost of a ticket, transport and accommodation at about $500.

Future Leaders is a life-changing programme that supports young people in rural and provincial New Zealand to build their entrepreneurship and leadership skills, and make a difference in their backyard. Your generosity helps to ensure young people from some of New Zealand’s lowest socio-economic communities can participate.

There are two tiers of engagement for young people on the programme, with scholarships ranging between $1,000–5,000.

What young people say about our programmes.