Tsar Marsters

High School didn't really work for Tsar, but his passion for dance has enabled him to do some pretty awesome things. He co-founded the Federation Dance Academy, which works mostly with at-risk and challenged rangatahi in Hamilton using hip-hop dance as a positive vehicle to support their development.

Tsar works closely with his mum, Raelene, who has been a total champion in helping to get Federation Dance Academy off the ground. From a tiny idea they now run a range of classes and programmes, and their crew have performed at the New Zealand at the supreme battleground competitions in Melbourne. Tsar has spoken at Festival for the Future, and in 2016 was awarded a World of Difference scholarship from Vodafone.

Key steps in the journey

Tsar's passion for street dance has seen him follow a path he never imagined - helping youth stay out of trouble. He struggled in high school and saw Hamilton's Federation Dance Academy as a way for youth to remain engaged in an activity that would keep them out of trouble.

We first connected with Tsar through a campaign we ran for Inspiring Stories in 2014, and commission the Bro's Being Bro's film made by Komako Silver. We then invited Tsar to speak at Festival for the Future, and have helped to support his crew to attend every year since.
Tsar has choreographed dance crews overseas and trained youth to compete in the World Supremacy Battlegrounds competitions, and in 2016 won a 'World of Difference' scholarship from Vodafone to further develop the academy.