Toby Carr


Toby is an entrepreneur, investor, and business leader. Toby is CEO and founder of DeXTech, a hardware technology company founded in 2013 in New Zealand. DeXTech is one of the fastest growing and largest youth-led corporations in Australasia – a remarkable achievement for an 18-year old. 

Toby started his first company aged 14 years old while still in school and is heavily involved in numerous projects, ideas, and companies.

In the future, Toby hopes to start a school for entrepreneurs that would take in students who display different thinking patterns or are thinking about pursuing entrepreneurship.


Key steps in the journey

Toby learnt the value of hard work from a young age as a paper boy, and became increasingly interested in starting his own business. Whilst still in school at Liston College, Toby founded DeXTech at age 14. At school he took part in the Young Enterprise Scheme.

Originally set up as a way for Carr to earn some pocket money, the company started off selling tech accessories. It now provides technology solutions, particularly to businesses and the education sector. 

While there are some professions where formal training is needed, such as with surgeons and pilots, Toby believes there are many jobs where going to university would be a "big waste of time and money". 

While his dad works in business, much of what he's learnt in business has come from trial and error - the best way to learn, he says.