Thomas Maharaj

From huge personal drive as a Youth MP and a passion for sales and marketing, Thomas experienced more than 300 seizures, and was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

With his life in question heading into a 9-hour operation with only a chance of survival – a few things fell into perspective. From there on – he's wanted to make every single day count towards something bigger than just himself. After time working in sales and recruitment in Australia and New Zealand he joined the team at Inspiring Stories, working across business development to bring in much needed resource to support the Trust's programmes to make a difference for young New Zealanders.

Key steps in the journey

Thomas grew up in Maungaraki in Lower Hutt just out of Wellington. His parents separated when he was young, and Thomas was largely raised by his mum – a nurse. He attended St Bernard’s College, and then on to study a BA in Politics and International Development at Victoria University in Wellington.

During time at High School Thomas instigated various youth projects, and attended Youth Parliament during his time at Uni. In September 2013 his seizures and double vision started. Everything changed, and over the next 18-months he would have more than 300 seizures before having brain surgery early 2015.

Surviving the 9-hour operation, Thomas is driven to make every day count, and make a difference for young New Zealanders.