Making a Difference Film Competition FAQs


What does the theme mean?

The theme of “young kiwis making a difference”, should act as a guide for your film. It could be cleaning up a local beach, volunteering in the community, or anything that in some way is about young New Zealanders making a difference. That might mean in their personal lives, for the benefit of others, or for the benefit of the environment. The judges will be rewarding films that are relevant to the theme.

Is there an age limit?

Yes; you need to be 13 or older to enter the competition. There is no upper age limit. The minimum age limit is because, the submissions platform we use for films, requires in their terms and conditions that users be at least 13 years old. If you fall outside of the age restriction and still wish to be a part of the competition, please contact us.

Can I enter as an individual or do I need a team?

You can make a film by yourself or in a team. It’s up to you. There is no limit to the number of people in your team, but each member needs to sign the right paperwork.

Can I enter more than one film?

Yes. Each film needs to be registered separately, and there is a $20 Early Bird submission fee and $50 regular submission fee for each film.

What is a Release Form and why do I need to sign one?

It’s for legal reasons, and crucial for your entry to be considered. These films will be seen by many people – at film screenings and online, and you need to be sure that everyone involved is OK with that, even if it is for a good cause. We recommend you get the forms below filled out as you go and don’t leave them until the last minute. It might be annoying but it is all a part of the filmmaking process.

Do Release Forms need to be signed by everyone involved?

Yes. You can download these release forms above. They are for all key people involved in the filmmaking: the filmmakers, those in front of the camera, the musicians and owners of locations. If you don’t get the right forms filled in, we will not be able to screen your film. Send your relevant release forms in all together when you submit your final film, but make sure you have a copy of them all for safe-keeping, in case they get lost.

What about music – how do I find some I can use?

Music can be one of the most influential parts of your film. I can create a mood and transform your audience’s emotions. Feel free to make your own soundtracks and music. If you find a song you want to use, ask if the musician will give you permission to use it and sign the Musician Release Form. Consider offering the musician a Koha for their work. Also try searching the internet for Royalty free Music.

If you cannot get permission for the soundtrack/music used in your film, you can still submit it for the competition but we may not be able to screen it publicly or online.

Can I submit a film that I made previously for another event, competition or festival?

Absolutely, so long as it is within the guidelines and restrictions and is somehow linked to our theme. Be sure to mention your films history when you fill out the submission form. Feel free to mention that your film is a part of the Inspiring Stories Film Competition in your opening or closing credits.