Irene Wakefield


During her childhood the words “history repeating itself” were used to describe a woman in an abusive relationship.

Having experienced abusive relationships first-hand, Irene founded Prepair NZ and is on a mission to give young women across the country to access to education about relationships and the early stage abuse that she never had.

She remembers having to ask for permission to hang out with her friends, and being hassled about what she chose to wear. She had hardly used social media, because liking a post from a friend seemed to cause an argument, and she wouldn’t even think about talking to a guy – because she was told that was disrespectful.

Key steps in the journey

Irene took part in Live the Dream – New Zealand’s accelerator programme helping young social entrepreneurs to develop their ventures. Whilst there she learnt about social enterprise business models, connected with mentors and other entrepreneurs. 

Irene has met with other organisations that deal with late stage abuse, including “It’s Not OK.”.

In October 2017, Prepair NZ announced their partnership with Glassons for their #trueloveis campaign. Glassons had agreed to stock their #trueloveis rose tees nationwide and online, giving 100% of the profits to Prepair.


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