Hannah Duder and Samantha Jones

"I knew that if I cared about where my uniform was coming from and struggled to find an ethical alternative that it would be likely that other people had the same problem." 

During her time with the Royal New Zealand Air Force, Samantha (pictured left) found the lack of transparency around the uniform she had to wear was an issue. She knew that garment workers were often not paid fairly for the work they did, and wanted a more ethically minded and socially conscious option.

In 2015, Samantha and fellow university student Hannah Duder co­founded their ethical business called Little Yellow Bird – a company that supplies businesses with more than just a uniform. They have a wide range of workwear such as custom business shirts to t­-shirts, hoodies to aprons. They want Little Yellow Bird to be a force for good.

Key steps in the journey

Sam grew up in Indonesia and witnessed the hardships faced by many people in developing nations. Being exposed to this from a young age has given Sam her passion and drive to support others.

With a Bachelors degree in Commerce and a Masters in International Security Sam became convinced that business was the most effective way to support people in developing communities.

Hannah an ambitious Law and Commerce graduate from Canterbury University is equally passionate about the power of social enterprise. Having already successfully developed apps aimed at reducing the decline in youth voter turnout Hannah was ready for her next big project.

Hannah joined the Little Yellow Bird team after meeting Sam at the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Canterbury University. Together they have built Little Yellow Bird into New Zealand's leading provider for ethically made uniforms.