Guled Mire

Championing the way forward for a inclusive Aotearoa


Guled was just six-years-old when his mother, a solo-parent, fled the strife of Somalia’s civil war with her nine children for a better life in New Zealand. Having experienced discrimination first hand, Guleds mission is to change the perception of refugees in New Zealand through his work not only in the public sector, but through his organisation Third Culture Minds.

Having spoken with the UN high commissioner for refugees in front of thousands, broadcast his message both nationally and internationally, and begun the massive process of challenging a culture of discrimination and intolerance, Guled is continuing his work to create inclusion and empowerment for refugees in New Zealand through Third Culture Minds; an organisation he co-founded in order to improve the wellbeing, and therefore maximise the potential, of young refugees in Aotearoa.

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Key steps in the journey

Guled came to New Zealand when he was 6 years old, forced to leave his country during the Somali Civil War.

Growing up in New Zealand, Guled experienced racism and discrimination first hand, and witnessed the effect in had on others in his community.

Since the March 15th Massacre in Christchurch, Guled has been one of the most vocal proponents for inclusion and refugee empowerment in New Zealand.

Guled Mire is now an alumni of Festival for the Future, having served as both a speaker in 2018 and panel facilitator in 2019. Guled was a semi-finalist in the Inclusion category for the inaugural Impact Awards in 2019 also.