Future Leaders – Terms & Conditions for Participants

This page outlines the Terms and Conditions for the Future Leaders programme. If offered a place on the programme, this is what you will need to read and agree to in accepting your place on the programme.

1. Rules of Conduct

Participants, facilitators and staff have the right to feel safe, happy and healthy in their engagement with the Programme. If you have any concerns at all, it is your duty to notify the Coach or Programme Manager, who will involve you in determining an appropriate course of action. You agree to the following rules of conduct:

  • Participants will be respectful toward one another, the Coaches, and the Programme Manager, and will uphold the highest standards of respect towards the community they work in.

  • Participants will endeavour to maintain active communication with one another, the Coaches and the Programme Manager, and will respond promptly to communications from the Coaches, Programme Manager and other participants.

  • Participants will notify their Coach or Programme Manager immediately if they have any concerns regarding their own health and wellbeing, or if they are concerned about obstacles or events that could affect their commitment to and participation in the Programme.

  • Participants will notify their Coach or Programme Manager if they have concerns about other members of their team, including behaviour, integrity, commitment or well-being.

  • Participants will report to their Coach or Programme Manager any harassment (sexual, physical, emotional or otherwise) that they experience or witness as a participant to the Programme.

2. Conditions of dismissal

You acknowledge that participants may be dismissed from the Programme if they exhibit any of the following behaviours:

  • Harassing participants or facilitators. Harassment includes sexual, physical and emotional harassment, and any other forms of harassment including stalking, bullying, threatening, blackmail and intimidation. It includes behaviour online, via communication channels, and in person.

  • Engaging in discriminatory or derogatory behaviour or comments (including but not limited to sexism, racism, homophobia and ableism) or any behaviour that makes the Programme Manager, other participants, facilitators or members of public uncomfortable.

  • Causing another participant, facilitator or member of public distress not otherwise covered above.

  • Failing to demonstrate commitment to the Programme. Failure to demonstrate commitment might include (but is not limited to) not replying to emails, not attending workshops and events, not communicating with team members, not supporting the workload of the team.

  • A member of public, participant or facilitator reports their disrespectful conduct.

  • Misusing funds provided to them for the purpose of participating in the Programmes.

  • Failing to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. This might be demonstrated by an inability to cope with stress, for example. This will be looked at at a case-by-case basis and we would want the best result for the participant with their health and wellbeing in mind.

In the case of a potential dismissal the Programme Manager will inform the relevant Council of the issue as soon as practicable with the view of reaching a resolution. The Programme Manager retains the right to, at their sole discretion, dismiss from the Programme any participant at any time seen to be at risk of endangering themselves or others. Participants dismissed from the Programme will not be entitled to a refund of any kind.

3. Process for Participant electing to leave the Programme

If you wish to exit the Programme early you must follow the process outlined below:

  1. Contact their Coach and Programme Manager to alert them that you are considering an exit from the Programme. The Programme Manager will ask you to send them your grounds for exiting.  

  2. You will be required to have a meeting with the Local Coach and the relevant Council representative (e.g., the Mayor) to discuss why you are exiting the Programme and what support might be put into place to provide you with support to continue as a participant.

  3. If, after this meeting, you confirm your exit from the Programme, you agree to have an exit interview with the Programme Manager either in person or over the phone or via video call.

  4. You will be required to complete any other reporting requirements in relation to the Programme that the Programme Manager sends you prior to your exit from the Programme.

  5. You will not be entitled to receive any form of refund.

  6. You agree that Inspiring Stories Trust may still use your name and any photos taken during your participation in Programme activities in its marketing and reporting material.

4. Processes for complaints and distress

If you have a problem i.e. with the Programme, a Coach, the Programme Manager, another participant, the course material, Inspiring Stories Trust, its staff, a venue, an event, a relationship, an expectation, an external factor, or other, the following course of action is available to you and it is advised:

  1. Note the times and dates of any incidents and witnesses that contribute towards the problem, and keep a record in writing.

  2. Contact their Coach and/or Programme Manager to alert them of the problem. The Programme Manager will choose to act immediately to address it, or will ask you to send them your thoughts on the problem (including the aforementioned times and dates) by email.

  3. The Coach and/or Programme Manager will act accordingly to alleviate the problem, in line with the Participant Agreement.

  4. If you agree, this may involve a conference with yourself and any person contributing to the problem, facilitated by the Programme Manager or an external professional, with the aim of seeking a resolution. Where this is not appropriate, the Programme Manager may consider taking other courses of action in line with the Participant Agreement.

  5. If it is a problem that you don’t feel comfortable talking to the Coach or Programme Manager about, please contact the General Manager (GM) from Inspiring Stories for a discreet and confidential discussion.

  6. Inspiring Stories is subject to the Youthwork Code of Ethics and the Privacy Act 1993, which means that anything you tell a member of staff will be kept confidential. Limits to confidentiality, which may lead to the disclosure of information, apply when you or someone else is in danger, there is an emergency situation, it is required by legislation or the courts, or you are incapable of consenting. In this case you will be informed, and only necessary information will be shared with the relevant persons.

5. Obligations of Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories agrees to:

  • Endeavour to prioritise the safety, health and wellbeing of participants;

  • Provide safe and healthy environments for Programme-based events;

  • Maintain regular communication with participants throughout the year;

  • Act within its capacity to reduce any distress experienced by any participant that it is notified about;

  • Recognise the limitations of its capacity in terms of addressing personal distress, and refer participants on to specialist services where needed.

6. Health and Wellbeing

If you have concerns about your own health and wellbeing or those of another participant at any time during the programme, we advise you to inform the Coach or Programme Manager, and talk to the following service:

Youthline is a New Zealand based organisation that works with people from all walks of life, from all cultures and with all sorts of things going on in their lives. This can be anything from just wanting to talk something through (big or small, via TXT, email or phone), to working face to face with a young person or even their whole family.

Youthline work with a really wide range of issues, from relationship stuff (boyfriends/ girlfriends/ friends/ family/ work etc), emotional stuff (feeling down, grief and losing someone close to you, going through tough times), to helping connect you with services or help in your community.

Free phone: 0800 376 633
Free txt: 234
Email: talk@youthline.co.nz
Online chat: www.youthline.co.nz/services/goforward/go-chat/

By signing the Participant Agreement you acknowledge the limitations of Inspiring Stories' capacity in terms of addressing personal distress you may experience while in the Programme, and agree to consider any referral made to you by Inspiring Stories Trust in relation to available specialist services.

7. Photos, Videos, Data and Evaluation Materials

As a participant, you are providing permission in perpetuity to be filmed, photographed or used in any promotional material by Inspiring Stories. Inspiring Stories is not obligated to notify you in using such material, but will endeavour to do so.

As a participant, you agree to complete questionnaires and surveys to support the evaluation and impact measurement as part of the Future Leaders programme, and understand that the results of your completed surveys and evaluation material may also be used for reports and other promotional purposes by Inspiring Stories in perpetuity.

Inspiring Stories collects your personal information when you apply. If you fail to supply sufficient and appropriate contact information we may not be able to contact you to notify you of any changes or important information regarding the Future Leaders programme .

Inspiring Stories will follow the safeguards specified in the above act to make sure that this information is only disclosed to and used for communication by individuals or companies as specified in these terms and conditions.

Customers have a right under the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 to see and correct any data held by Inspiring Stories.

By agreeing with these terms and conditions, you agree that Inspiring Stories may contact you in future for customer feedback, marketing and other events. You will be provided the option to unsubscribe from this service.

8. Definition of Terms

You refers to the participant who is party to the Participant Agreement.

Participant Agreement is the agreement between you and Inspiring Stories that you accept in order to confirm your place on the programme.

Participant is any young person selected to participate in Future Leaders.

Young person is anyone under 25 years of age.

Coach is the Local Coach in your community that is contracted by Inspiring Stories to deliver the local components of the programme.

Programme is the Future Leaders Programme.

Programme Manager refers to the Future Leaders Programme Manager, employed by Inspiring Stories.

Inspiring Stories (Inspiring Stories Trust) is a New Zealand registered charitable trust (#NZ45932) that runs the Future Leaders Programme. Its staff includes any employees, trustees or contractors working to support Inspiring Stories.

Member of public refers to anyone that is not a participant, facilitator or staff. It includes stakeholders, mentors, other helpers and bystanders.