Courtney Durr

As a personal trainer Courtney noticed a lack confidence for women in their bodies and themselves, and the impact this had on how they participated in society. She became interested in social entrepreneurship and took part in the Live the Dream accelerator programme, graduating early 2016.

Courtney is the co-founder of Body Love NZ, a community of women that share the same purpose of loving the skin they’re in. Through retreats, female fitness groups, educational workshops and a positive social media platform, Courtney is on a mission to fight back against the stereotypes of health and beauty and help women feel truly confident in themselves.

Key steps in the journey

"I haven't always been a dreamer, I haven't always wanted to help others. In fact, I used to care only about the way I looked and whether other people liked me or not. I was hugely involved in the gym scene and worked as a personal trainer for 3 years. My perception of my beauty was based on what number was on the scales and if I had abs or not. I was constantly dissatisfied with the way I looked. I compared myself to other women and their seemingly perfect life and bodies. Happiness was always out of reach."

Courtney took part in the Live the Dream accelerator programme for young social entrepreneurs. Whilst there she connected with other entrepreneurs and mentors, and built her capability and her network. Graduating in 2016 she made the bold move to focus full-time on her venture, BodyLove NZ. She started prototyping a range of retreats and workshops, with most of them selling out and getting glowing positive feedback from attendees.