Bop, Jody and Sarah

The three theatre graduates came through our Live the Dream programme looking to make theatre more sustainable, and discovered a way bigger need around people care. They're working to build the Les Mills of mental health, CoLiberate, helping Kiwis strengthen their mental health and wellbeing. 

CoLiberate is a Wellington based wellness studio creating a thriving community of wellbeing, empowerment and equality. They're developing ways to nurture confidence, self-worth and wellbeing strategies for everyday Kiwis. 

Key steps in the journey

Bop, Jody and Sarah are theatre graduates whose first venture was a nationally touring theatre company, 'Pat-A-Cake Productions'. They came into our Live the Dream programme initially looking to make theatre more sustainable and explore possible social enterprise business models.

They realised a much bigger need around the mental health challenges that many New Zealanders face, and wanted to try and develop a venture that might help to make people more sustainable. The team all had connections to the mental health sector in some way. They began to develop and prototype a range of different workshops, and test ideas for what might lead to a more sustainable business model that could enable them to focus on helping Kiwis strengthen their mental health and wellbeing.

CoLiberate was born, and the team opened their first wellbeing studio in central Wellington in 2016.