Deloitte and Inspiring Stories partner to better understand Millennials

In the much anticipated lead up to the Festival for the Future, Inspiring Stories partnered with Deloitte to engage with young professionals to understand what they want to see at this year’s festival. The Festival of the Future is being held in Wellington in July, and is a three day workshop and speaker event to ignite positive social change.

A new partnership between Deloitte and Inspiring Stories is working to better understand Millennials in New Zealand. We recently brought together young professionals from private and public sectors to better understand the difference that they want to see for society, and the barriers and enablers they face in achieving this in their organisations.

For many young professionals, their new roles are part of a traditional organisation or industry who often have an 'old' way of doing things. This does little to engage and retain them.

Adithi Pandit, leader of Deloitte’s Social Impact Practice, shared her views on business can be a force for good, and the increasing demand from millennials to be part of this.  


Alecia Love, former Consultant at KPMG and now part of the Engaging All New Zealanders team at Oranga Tamariki, spoke of her inherent drive to help people, and her focus on improving outcomes for children and young people in State care. She discussed her team’s plan for reaching a wider audience and of the societal challenges that are currently in play.

Noa Wolloff echoed the sentiments of Alecia. He shared his personal journey about becoming a father at 16, which he had to juggle with the pressures of being head boy and the resulting, often negative, media attention. Rising above this, Noa started a social enterprise that funds development and leadership programmes for teen parents, and now works as the Head of Youth Engagement for Inspiring Stories.

As part of the session we asked participants – “in ten years time, what difference do we want to see for New Zealand?”. Key subject areas spanned education, health, wellbeing, inequality, diversity & inclusion, sustainability, the justice system, and the future of the workforce.

After initial ideation rounds, small groups broke off to discuss:

1.    What actions can you take?

2.    What might prevent you taking action?

3.    What actions can organisations take?

4.    What might prevent organisations from taking action?

Conversation focussed on the interrelation between the ideas and solutions across each of the domains. For example, education and awareness can address diversity & inclusion at work, sustainability and health and wellbeing issues. A societal or systems view, can better tackle issues around equity of access to health and individual wellbeing, as these are inseparable from a community focussed solution such as community health practice and social prescriptions. Data sharing and public and private sector collaboration were raised as potential solutions and enablers for a range of problems as well.

The session provided a forum to better understand the impact young professionals want to make, and the barriers they often face in driving organisational change. These insights will help shape Festival for the Future – New Zealand's biggest millennial conference happening in Wellington 27–29th July 2018. Learn more about Festival for the Future >>