Why New Zealand's top young talent is critical for your business success

We’re on the cusp of a revolution. Are you ready?

The pace of business is getting faster. Organisations are increasingly data driven and digital. Consumers care more about the ethics and sustainability of their purchasing decisions than ever before – every dollar is a vote for a better world. The marketplace is competitive, global, and in a world with increasingly urgent and complex problems that need solving –  purpose-driven organisations are gaining competitive advantage.

Purpose driven businesses are those that exist for something greater than just a financial return. From well-established global companies like Patagonia to entrepreneurial Kiwi start-ups like Eat My Lunch, being purpose-driven is becoming a critical enabler. Of course having a quality product / service is paramount, but beyond just the “what” they sell, purpose-driven organisations have a compelling “why” that is embedded into the DNA of their organisation – brand, strategy, leadership and culture.

So how might your business thrive in the new purpose-driven economy?

One thing is certain – getting the right talent to drive your business forward is critical. But in a world of abundance in opportunity, why would talent want to work for your business?

We know that millennials are increasingly choosing purpose over paycheque. We know that when they’re aligned strongly with the purpose of the organisations they work for, there are direct increases in performance. The World Economic Forum notes the composition of the new workforce by 2020, and the skills required to thrive in the world of work – with complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity topping the charts.

At Inspiring Stories, we’re helping thousands of young New Zealanders to explore these mega trends, and build their entrepreneurial and leadership capability to create the future. Over the past six years we’ve built a network of the most innovative and entrepreneurial young New Zealanders. There are strong synergies between our work and the future-relevant skills in the WEF Report. We’ve also experienced the demand for top young talent first-hand. It was this demand, and the opportunity to leverage this incredible network that sparked our new social enterprise adventure – welcome to Millennials.

Millennials is a specialist recruitment service that helps Kiwi businesses connect with top young talent. We've found our first ten clients, and have now successfully placed our first candidate with one of New Zealand's leading engineering firms. Even better –as well as delivering an exceptional service, 100% of the profit goes towards expanding our programmes and support for young New Zealanders at Inspiring Stories. Win-win!

Globally, millennials will be the biggest workforce within the next 5 years. This new generation of digital natives are looking for opportunities to put their energy into work that matters. If you want to be part of the new economy, fast-track the revolution and connect with New Zealand’s top young talent – let's chat – www.millennialtalent.co