How do you create a Festival together?

This year, the Inspiring Stories team has taken a slightly different approach to creating Festival for the Future, throwing the doors wide and inviting in our wider community to design the Festival experience with us. Learning and Development Lead Shruthi Vijayakumar takes us through the codesign process.

Human Library. Giant inflatable slide. Elevator Raves. Maker Space. Living Map. Capoeira. Impromptu Band Space. Crafternoon Tea. Augmented Reality. Nap Room. These were just a few of the ideas that emerged when we asked a group of 50 young people ”how can we make this year’s Festival the most epic, transformational event ever?” We could try answer that question ourselves. But we thought it’d be far more effective to pool our collective minds and hearts to have a crack at it. Over the last few months, we’ve loved engaging with hundreds of young people – through workshops, focus groups, numerous coffee catch ups and our online survey to co-design and co-deliver this year’s event. We’ve been overwhelmed with so many great (and some rather interesting) ideas and are stoked to see this year’s festival take on the spirit of ‘by the community, for the community’.

So what's emerged?

We’ve heard from you that the hot topics to explore this year include climate change, wellbeing, gender equality, the refugee crisis, amongst many others! We’ll be exploring the biggest issues facing us locally, nationally and globally at Festival this year and looking at how we can best work together to address them. We’re focusing less on big ideas and taking a broader look at social change and will be through showcasing stories of how people are making a difference in different ways. You’ll be hearing from scientists, policy makers, community builders, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, educators and more at this year’s event!