Reflections – Festival for the Future

It’s now three weeks since we held the world’s very first Festival for the Future. For some (so we’ve heard), the experience was life–changing. For a first-time event organised largely by two 25year olds we couldn’t have dreamed of a better outcome. So what’s happened since? And what happens next?!

Ladies @ the Launch Night – Festival for the Future 2011

So how did it go?
120 enthusiastic participants from around New Zealand took part in the Festival’s action-packed three-day programme. For the most part, the intent was to showcase & celebrate Kiwi innovation across a range of sectors – to create a space for a range of people to share their passion, their projects, and their vision for New Zealand. An experience designed to inspire, to up-skill, and to spark new ideas!

FFTF speakers Elizabeth Connor – young innovator

FFTF Tony Denley

Samir & Adrian

FFTF Musicians – Iva & Andy

FFTF Mui Lengh

Workshop Cafe Session – Festival for the Future 2011

Here’s a few quotes from participants we’d like to share:

“I met so many people doing such inspiring things, from social entrepreneurs to artists, and I learned about the ways in which people are working to improve this world of ours in some way or another. It was inspiring in so many ways.”  ~ Jamie Fenton, Young NZ’er of the Year

“I was really blown away by the enthusiasm and talent building in NZ, especially the youth at the moment.  It’s very promising. Well done for all the great work, you should be proud!”
~ Barnaby Bennett, Architect

“After hearing the stories of so many talented young visionaries, the power of storytelling was evident – how stories can motivate and inspire others to create positive change. 
~ Jamie MacDonald, Entrepreneur

FFTF Volunteers Kate, Hayden & Anna Gail

What’s happening now?
We’re working through follow up and reporting (woohoo!). But perhaps more excitingly we’re exploring possibilities for 2012 – what this beautiful little idea can grow into, and how to make this amazing content accessible to every New Zealander. We’re looking seriously at Te Papa as a venue moving forwards. Finally, we’ll be taking some well deserved chill time over the festive season.

To all of you who helped out, contributed in any way, shape or form – THANK YOU. Good luck for the rest of the year, have an amazing break, and we look forward to connecting with you in the New Year!

Thank you!

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